By 2024, in addition, 800 million devices with facial recognition hardware and 4 600 million with fingerprint sensors are expected.


Facial recognition features are making their way in the field of mobile devices, both hardware and software.

According to calculations of Juniper Research , facial recognition hardware type the Face ID on the iPhone is going to be the fastest biometric hardware mode among the smartphones . If present in about 96 million terminals, it will end up exceeding the 800 million barrier in 2024 , according to this consultant.

However, software-based facial recognition will continue to have more weight . And it is expected that within four years this capacity is expected to be present in more than 1.3 billion devices , thanks to the advances that are taking place in artificial intelligence technology and its relationship with payments mobile.

Of course, it seems that users will prefer fingerprint payments to payments through facial recognition. Not surprisingly, Juniper Research says that more than 4 600 million smartphones will integrate fingerprint sensors in 2024.