One of the news that left us the new wave of information-related The Last of Us: Part II was that the game will not have a multiplayer mode, despite the fact that the study commissioned of the title, has clarified that, in fact, your computer dedicated to the online component of their games is developing something, but that will not be part of the next exclusive from Naughty Dog.

In a press release through their social networks, the study explains that it was difficult to leave to one side a mode of online game that evolved from what we saw in the first game of the series and that it would be difficult to deliver to the side of the huge campaign of the game more ambitious than they have done up to the moment. It promises that, eventually, we will have in our hands the fruits of the work of your team dedicated to the online experience, but that this will not be part of The Last of Us: Part II.

This same information was mentioned by Neil Druckmann during a press conference for mass media of Latin america in which was present the team 3DJuegos MX. "Is our game more ambitious, and despite the fact that our team of multiplayer also wants to achieve big things and work in very interesting projects, we made the hard decision to leave it to one side. Eventually you will see interesting things, but not for this game", commented the vice-president of Naughty Dog.

To know more of The Last of Us: Part II can be check coverage that have made the teams 3DJuegos and 3DJuegosMX after testing two demos of the game.