Intel is still working hard to get ahead in the first line of dedicated graphics cards, after years of failures in this field. During its last conference call about the financial results for the third quarter (in which you also have mentioned your intention of recover the leadership in the nodes of manufacture), Bob Swan has been reported to have "managed to turn our first graphics card DG1, quite an achievement". The exact term has been "power-on", and this has been referred to the debugging techniques that involve place a chip prototype on a PCB and see if it works.

With an early version already operational, Intel is now able to test their Xe with real tasks and software. It also seems to be that the first development kits DG1 already being sent to developers from around the world, as can be read in the logs of the EEC. To be exact, it is called "Discrete Graphics DG1 External FRD1 Accessory Kit (Alpha) Developer Kit". That is to say, that at this rate we will see the first Xe in a few months, and probably reach the market by mid-year.