mobile chips “Tiger Lake” will be the first to integrate this generation of system connectivity Thunderbolt.

Intel’s advances in a new generation of system connectivity by universal cable Thunderbolt for connecting computers to data, video, and charging with the simplicity of a single port USB type-C.

Thunderbolt 4, which provides data rates of 40 Gb/s, will offer for the first time a dock with up to four Thunderbolt ports, plus universal cables up to 2 meters.

Complies with a comprehensive set of specifications, as USB4, DisplayPort and PCIe, and is compatible with earlier versions of Thunderbolt and USB products.

“The arrival of Thunderbolt 4 highlights how Intel is powering the ecosystem of the PC to connectivity solutions that are completely universal”, highlights Jason Ziller, director-general of the division of Client Connectivity.

development kits, and certification test of this new generation of Thunderbolt are already available.

Intel is expected to launch at the end of the year the new package of drivers Thunderbolt 4 8000, which includes the host controllers JHL8540 and JHL8340 for computer manufacturers and the device driver JHL8440 for manufacturers of accessories.

The first computers and accessories with Thunderbolt ports 4 will arrive during the next few months, among them laptops based on Project Athena.

The mobile processors Intel “Tiger Lake” will be the first to integrate Thunderbolt 4.

featured Image – Credit: Intel Corporation