The companies were in the conference ‘re:Invent’ their proposals to boost the ecosystem of the smart home, with the technology Amazon’s Alexa as the main character.

“the value of The smart home lies in its ability to address the real needs at the time of facilitar the domestic chores, to offer experiences to improve the life and provide security to reassure users”. these Are the words of Gregory Bryant, corporate vice president and general manager of Connected Home and Commercial Client Group at Intel Corporation, included in its article ‘Crossing the threshold of the smart home’.

Specifies that “to be truly smart, a home must interconnect with ease a variety of devices, services and things, to become a perceptive, receptive and self-contained”. So, accurately, that “for a household to be perceptive, you must feel and understand the people, to the actions and intentions within the household, sweet home. You need to understand the actions that we want to carry out to respond accordingly. And, to be autonomous, you need to understand our behavior patterns, anticipate our needs and offer proactive some amazing experiences to suit a given situation.”

In this context, Bryant believes that “Intel is in a privileged position to participate in the adoption passionate about smart homes”, although it emphasizes the importance of working together. “The Internet of Things (IoT), platforms to perform analytics at the local level, the connectivity in the homes and personal computing devices have a role of importance in this new environment and, in addition, thanks to the collaboration, we can create some amazing experiences”.

With that collaborative spirit, Intel participated in the conference ‘Amazon Web Services re:Invent’, where he presented his solutions for the development of the smart home. The company announced that you plan to enable the services via voice using Alexa Skills in order to control and coordinate remotely the actions of the devices with a Smart Home Hub based on its technology.

in Addition, Intel showed the prototype of a speaker that intelligently using Alexa. According to the company, is intended to help hardware manufacturers to accelerate the development of devices based on voice with the use of a platform of Intel and voice services to Alexa. In this way, this reference design will be available for developers and manufacturers in the first quarter of 2017. attendees at The event were also able to visit the Intel TINY Smart Home to see it in action the solutions of the binomial Intel-Alexa.

For his part, Amazon Web Services introduced the AWS Greengrass. This software, together with hardware from Intel, it is a solution to solve the problems derived from the monitoring of assets. Can be used with devices of low computing power, energy or memory, but also with more powerful computers.