5G technology is at the center of many current developments. And it is also the heart of a association between MediaTek and Intel , who want to boost next-generation computers.

As announced, MediaTek’s T700 modem will be used on Intel-powered PCs to provide 5G connectivity. . The first laptops the result of this association will reach the market early 2021 .

The MediaTek modem supports standalone and non-standalone 5G Sub-6 network architectures. It promises lightning-fast speed and energy efficiency.

Intel is preparing co-engineering support for its manufacturing partners.

“Our partnership with Intel is a natural extension of our growing 5G mobile business,” says Joe Chen, President of MediaTek, «and it’s an incredible market opportunity for MediaTek to move into the PC market.»

“With Intel’s deep experience in the PC space and our innovative 5G modem technology”, says, «We will redefine the laptop experience and deliver the best 5G experiences to consumers.»