Accelerate the deployment of LTE and 5G networks. That is the mission of a alliance established between Intel and VMware Technologies , which will work on a integrated software platform for virtualized radio access networks . This is, in vRAN, favoring with its association to communications service providers (CoSP).

“Many CoSPs choose to extend the benefits of network virtualization to the RAN to increase agility as they roll out new 5G services, but software integration can be quite complex,” says Vice President Dan Rodriguez. Corporate and CEO of Intel’s Network Platforms Group.

“With a integrated vRAN platform , combined with leading technology and expertise” from Intel and VMware, CoSPs have access to reduced development cycles for the “implementation of innovative services in the edge of your network ”, adds this manager.

To do this, the newly announced partners will work with telecommunications equipment manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers and RAN software vendors. The first collaborations with companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Dell Technologies have already transpired.

The work will focus on programmable open interfaces s based on the FlexRAN software architecture from Intel and a RIC controller RAN from VMware.

Shekar Ayyar, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Telco & Edge Cloud at VMware, explains that this way“ CoSPs will be able to implement new network functions in the same Telco Cloud architecture, from the core to the RAN, allowing the scale and agility necessary to offer services in a 5G network more efficiently. ”