In the company of Santa Clara they promise to improve the performance of the PCs with that launch.


The new Intel Optane memory modules promise an increase in speed when performing the most common computing tasks, reaching 28% more efficiency in system performance .

Optane technology is prepared to pre-cache frequently used applications , and has the advantage that the information remains in the modules even if the system power has been turned off, and can be recovered when it is turn on.

From Intel they set an example the fact that Microsoft Outlook will load six times faster , and Chrome with a speed five times faster.

The official launch of Optane will take place on April 24 , so that the first computers with these memory modules should arrive during the second quarter of 2017.

In view of its expansion in the market, it should not be forgotten that Optane technology is designed to work with all Intel Core i7 CPUs , while in the case of Core i6 , cannot be installed on some of the motherboards designed for that processor.

Finally, from the company of Santa Clara has commented that modules of 16 GB and 32 GB will be marketed of Optane, which will be priced at $ 44 and $ 77, respectively.