Intel Endpoint Management Assistant drives the support to the employees by the IT department regardless of where they are located.

“The staff of today, modern and constantly on the move, you do not have access in situ to a center of IT services at the corporate headquarters. However, there are still computers that need repair, improvements and updates by the department of IT”.

This defines the business context current, in the words of Stephanie Hallford, vice-president of the Informatics Group of Customers and general director of Platforms for Corporate Clients of the Intel, the company has announced the launch of an assistant to give a response to the need to manage technology in remote.

The wizard management called Intel Endpoint Management Assistant or, directly, EMA Intel and consists of a software tool that allows you to upgrade the Technology of Active Management company (Intel AMT) and work with devices based on the platform Intel vPro technology in the cloud, on both sides of the firewall.

“At Intel, we're modernizing the ease of management of the park of computers with the platform Intel vPro, to make it easier to provide support to employees in remote, even when they are outside the firewall of the company”, indicates about Stephanie Hallford.

EMA Intel integrates the access AMT in consoles custom or third-party with the RESTful API. And, in addition to optimizing the monitoring of the park of computers for a safe management, allows IT departments to help employees regardless of where they are located, including updates and reboots of software or firmware.