in The past year, according to data from Gartner, three quarters of the organizations increased their investments in technology CX.

Are many companies that are boosting their investments in technology customer experience (CX). According to data from Gartner, which surveyed organizations from different continents and sectors, up to three quarters rose such investments in 2018.

Among the priorities of those who invest are the metrics, the voice of the customer, a launch speed of products and the customization of the same, among other things. And for the next three years, it is expected that emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, and virtual assistants chatbots and solutions engagement omnicanal have a significant impact on the projects of CX.

Although there is still work to be done. The Gartner study has also discovered that 53 % companies has had to cope with the financial pressure.

companies with greater maturity in CX tend to allocate more of their investments in technology to better understand its customers and provide them with precise actions through the analysis. While, the levels of levels of maturity lower face plateaus in the initiatives they want to launch.

“high-risk situations that affect the programs of CX can result in the elimination of funding for an initiative of CX or its cancellation, or even that the employees lose their jobs”, comenta Olive Huang, research vice president of Gartner, which warns that “this may lead to a decrease in the quality of the customer experience, financial performance weakened in the organization, and the erosion of its competitive position,”.

hence, Huang recommend paying “special attention to the creation of plans for recruitment, retention, and succession to the leadership roles of key technology related with CX. Candidates for these roles,”, says, “they are often hard to find and are highly valued in the labour market,”.