Although the companies believe that 5G will be widely available in 2020, Gartner believes that by then only 3 % of mobile providers have launched networks 5G in a commercial way.

During the next few years will see the passage of the 4G technology to the technology 5G. And many organizations seem to be willing to pay more for the next generation.

according To a survey conducted by the consulting firm Gartner, up to 75 % of the organisations of end-users would pay more for the new mobile capabilities. Yes, there are differences according to the type of company. “it Is more likely that those who are in the telecommunications industry are willing to pay more than other industries”, indicates Sylvain Fabre, research director at Gartner.

“For example, end-user organizations in the sectors of manufacturing, services and government are less willing to pay a premium for 5G that telecommunications companies”, says Fabre.

The 5G is considered to be, primarily, an evolution of the network. In the second place, it is seen as the enabler of the digital business. And only 8% of those surveyed by Gartner points to the possibility of saving costs and increase revenues. It should also be noted that the most lift number one of cases of using the momentum of the communication IoT. This last “it is surprising, as the number of ‘things’ deployed that need cellular connectivity will not exceed the capacity of the technologies of IoT cell existing prior to, 2023 in most of the regions”, values Fabre.

“Even once fully implemented, the 5G is only adapted to a small subset of use cases for IoT that require a combination of data rates very high and very low latency”, continues the expert. “in Addition, 5G will not be ready to support communications massive machine communications or ultraconfiables and low-latency, until the beginning of 2020”.

According to Gartner, within three years, only 3 % of mobile providers will have networks, 5G commercial. The wide availability should not arrive before 2022. But a good part of the companies shows convinced that this will be a reality in 2020.