Intel Secure Device Onboard and Micro-Climate Monitoring System are just some of the solutions that the company presented during the celebration of the IoT Solutions World Congress 2017.

Many are the companies that are betting on the internet of things (IoT) as a technology of the future, and present. And many are also the companies that has been involved in the IoT Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC) 2017 to express their vision. Among them, Intel.

The signature of Santa Clara took advantage of his passage through this event to announce the launch of the Intel Secure Device Onboard, which is a technology that is offered as a service to suppliers of platforms in the IoT, to install into internet connected devices. Or as Intel explained during the congress, to our editorial director, Paul Fernandez, in a series of interviews that can be played [in English] at the end of these lines, “it is a new service that can incorporate devices IoT”, whether it “devices Intel-based devices or MCU based on ARM, to securely on your platform of control where they send data, whether in the cloud or on the factory”.

Intel proposes “a unique identifier”, provided “in the area of confidence of our silicon and that work on other providers” also, for increased security. And that, in addition, “in a matter of seconds,” through a process that has become “very scalable”, which automates and leaves behind the manual.

Intel has also explained how you can work in the cities of today by means of the sensors and the analytics of the data collected in the middle of the street, with “a single, sealed box”. Here only the so-called “metadata” or “the data that are relevant are sent back to the backend“ protecting “the privacy of the people”. There are use cases for this as the tracking “traffic and pedestrian traffic of the street” to determine “what would be an ideal place to start your new business” or as the application of parking.

Another solution that Intel took the IoTSWC was the Micro-Climate Monitoring System, the fruit of a collaboration with Bosch, which it defines as “the system of monitoring of microclimate most accurate available on the market”. In this sense, “measuring all gases with parts per billion” in “a box very small, 4 kg”, is intended to “the cities have the opportunity to make smart decisions”.

Intel IoT Solutions World Congress 2017