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The fight against coronavirus is already a global problem. Despite quarantine measures, the virus has managed to expand causing great damage social and economic. video games have become a great ally for inciting the population to stay in their homes, not to mention a form of entertainment and culture that has managed to expand its borders. Now, however, GTA 5 allows us to fight face to face against this enemy.

The mod comes as a way of beating the virusA new mod for Grand Theft Auto V allows us to fight the COVID-19 carrying the armature of the very Iron Man. His name is Covid-19 invasion mod and we bring the user GTA X Scripting with a video demonstration. This content is available on your page from Patreon and seeks to offer people a way of "have fun killing some coronavirus in The Saints", in the words of its creator.

The modder also apologises if this content may offend someone and offers all its support to the victims (including to its detractors). The video shows us a fast-paced action and the possibilities that open up before us when they are under the skin’s very own Tony Stark. This is a small sample of what is the mods of GTA 5 are able to.

Grand Theft Auto V