to Be honest, I don’t know how is the discussion right now, but in your day Gone Home took a few sticks on the part of the community gamer. Of course, the most achacaba the game be filtering out your school agenda 2013, but there was also a common complaint among many voices: a "speedrun" that was the game in barely half a minute, and without cheating or anything. The game does not reveal new things, but everything interactive is so from the beginning, so that you can go directly to the bookcase with the secret door, open it and go up to reach the end of the game. Many used to talk about the cutrez of the walking simulator, which if you are shallow and pedantic, that are easy, that have no gameplay. To me, the truth is that Gone Home almost made me cry of how beautiful it is, but Chris Franklin was throwing a question: what Would have improved Gone Home with a shotgun and a few demons loose in the house? How is that the problem, the lack of a challenge and situations that lead to the victory and failure?

Cut to a week ago. Or a few weeks, I don’t know how time works.

Oak judge your photos, but you can hardly write; only you capture momentsNew Pokémon Snap is announced, and the internet goes mad. At the end. Have past 21 years since that time. Jesus, how old we are. But Pokémon Snap has become, and do not seem to have changed much. At least judging by the trailer, it seems that this is another safari by rail: you’re going on your rear rack, and the autopilot does the rest. Sometimes you can unlock new routes, but usually the only difference between this and an attraction of Disneyland is that you don’t have to queue to enter. Well, and the photos, but Pokémon Snap is a game very little interactive. You can snap to the Pokémon, that since then, and sometimes you can throw apples at strategic locations to create funny scenes, such as a Magikarp evolving or two Magmar getting guantazos. But come on, that then the cart continues and ends it all. You can’t stop to explore the exact angle of your image, bending, or standing, turn the camera on. Oak judges your photos , but you can barely compose; you only catch moments.

And we can’t wait to go back.

New Pokémon Snap image