Its great novelty is an editor that is based on blocks and that comes accompanied by Twenty Nineteen as default theme.

WordPress has been updated. Has released a new version, which is already available and that receives the name of WordPress 5.0 “I”.

Your big news is an editor that is based on blocks to facilitate both the insertion as the reorganization of content, so that each piece will have its own block.

Although this does not modify the usual account of the visitors with the web pages, yes it will change the generators of content and developers. These last can create blocks individuals, thinking of their customers, and to avoid that the own structure of the site is affected by an alteration which was not intended in the code.

Along with the new editor, arrives, Twenty Nineteen as default theme. This theme, which stands for simplicity, has been thinking precisely to the idea of the blocks.

Although WordPress 5.0 “I” changed the rules of the game, this does not mean that everyone will have to mandatory to your editor.

Those who so wish will be able to stay with the editor classic, since there will still be support for a few years.