The Autorità Garante Della Concorrenza e del Mercato (Authority Guarantor of Competition and the Market, AGDCM), the Italian body regulating competition in the market, has imposed a fine of 100 million euros on Google for abuse of dominant position .

The sanction arises as a consequence of the exclusion in Android Auto of the JuicePass application . It is an application developed by the electricity company Enel X Italia that allowed electric car users to locate charging points throughout Europe . The investigation of the Italian market regulator has concluded that Google has blocked the access of this application to the specific interface for Android cars for two years.

From AGDCM It is pointed out that Google limited unfair the possibility for users to locate charging points using the Enel X application, for the benefit of Google Maps , which comes pre-installed on Android auto and also has an option to locate charging points of electric vehicles.

The future passes through electric mobility

Add the decision that although Google Maps provides information on the location, in Enel’s application, being an electric power commercialization company, could add other functionalities in the future, such as the reservation of the charging and payment point of the same.By preventing access to Android Auto, you would be harming this application and its users, to the unfair benefit of Google’s own application.

In addition to the fine of 100 million euros Google will have to support Android auto access to the JycePass app. Among the negative consequences that AGDCM highlights in terms of Google’s behavior would be damage to the development of electric mobility , due to the negative effects that the difficulty in locating points could have on electric vehicle drivers recharge and to manage the reservation and payment thereof.

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