Replaces Fernando García Checa, who will continue to be linked to the company as a shareholder.

The Spanish Panda Security has decided to change of CEO. is Fernando García Checa, which will continue to be linked to the company in the capacity of shareholder, has been replaced by Juan Santamaria.

The new steering is not a stranger to Panda, or much less, because during the past year he has served as director general.

Your mission now will be to “drive and lead the global business of the company and to consolidate its presence in the market,”, according to the Panda Security.

“it Is a project exciting to boost the company”, indicates the own Santamaría, “in a time in which technology is positioned once more as a leader in the industry, which I assume with great enthusiasm, respect and total dedication”.

Juan Santamaría was in the past chief financial OFFICER of Sopra Profit, consultant Gartner and an executive director in Logtrust. He has also worked as ceo of different technology, forming part of the board of directors of companies such as Altitude Software, for example.

“The addition of John implies a commitment to the evolution of the company at a global level”, valued, José Sancho, president of Panda Security. “Becoming the hub of the management for the success of our cyber security solutions advanced, will articulate a program of technology and business, from now on, is assuming a revolutionary impulse of Panda Security in the international market,”.