This service of Kaspersky Lab provides technical anti, use the logging subsystem to fight against events, and malicious and take advantage of the intelligence of threats in real-time of Kaspersky Security Network.

“With business being threatened by cybercrime, with increasing frequency, the need for a rapid response to incidents and digital forensics and analysis has never been greater”.

With these words contextualizes Nikita Shvetsov, CTO, Kaspersky Lab, the announcement of Kaspersky Cloud Sandbox. This solution from Kaspersky Lab seeks to optimize the safety investigation and performance against complex threats.

“Kaspersky Cloud Sandbox is an important addition to the ecosystem of intelligence global threat of Kaspersky Lab”, says Shvetsov.

“Complementing the extensive the threat information available to the clients of the website to Kaspersky’s Threat Intelligence, Kaspersky Cloud Sandbox is converted into a single for the detailed analysis of files that allows security analysts and SOC machines, to obtain information on the behavior of the files, without any risk to the IT infrastructure”.

Kaspersky promises advanced detection without causing harm to the budgets, because that forensic capabilities are available within Kaspersky’s Threat Intelligence Portal.

Kaspersky Cloud Sandbox provides, on the one hand, techniques of emulation and anti — as can be click on the Windows button, scroll documents, or to perform special routines. In addition, usa its logging subsystem for combat events malicious, such as DLLS, modifying registry keys, or HTTP requests and DNS. Delivery reports to customers. And take advantage of behavior analysis advanced intelligence and threats in real-time of Kaspersky Security Network in the actions against known threats and new ones.