The solution Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security aims to “to resolve all the concerns on protection and compliance” has the financial industry.

“corporations, especially in the financial industry, are subject to regulatory pressure increasing, especially if we consider the increase of incidents that is affecting integrated systems critical, as the atms and pos“.

With these words, and adding that “all of them need to implement different tools of protection that may meet all of their demands”, Dmitry Zveginets, responsible for business solutions Kaspersky Lab, has announced a new generation of security solution Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security for embedded systems. This solution protects, precisely, devices involved in sensitive operations such as atms and pos terminals.

One area in which it focuses is compliance with the regulation. Returns the infrastructure more visible and transparent to investigate incidents with ease. For example, the functionality File Integrity Monitor is designed for tracking activities performed with files, which allows to detect alterations.

Other features of the new Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security are the inspection of the start of session, the integration SIEM, the access control USB/CD/DVD, the centralized management of firewall and a denial mode factory. The solution from Kaspersky Lab is prepared to ensure both files as memory, delivering real-time protection and scan on request.

“From Kaspersky Lab are offering a unique solution with complete functionality”, concludes Dmitry Zveginets, “so that you can resolve all concerns about protection and regulatory compliance our clients”.