A year has passed since the announcement of Deathloop , but last night Arkane Studios offered the first real look at his game with a trailer brimming with style and shooting . The premise of the adventure could not be more interesting: you are Colt, a prisoner on an island where the same day is repeated endlessly, and every time you die you return to the beginning of your story. All this with a rival assassin named Julianna , who will chase you through the game with the sole objective of killing you to restart the loop, and being able to kill you again .

While Deathloop will be an adventure revolving around the campaign , the game will have a multiplayer feature built into its storyline. completely organic, although very invasive. And it is that players will be able to invade other people’s games to take control of Julianna , and make things even more difficult for those who try to escape the loop in their game own.

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