«Becoming a hacker during adolescence is something , unfortunately, much more common and easy than most people usually think.»

This is warned by the Spanish company Panda Security, which recalls that times have changed and you no longer need to be a programming expert to launch cybercrime attacks . Hacking as a service makes exploit and malware packages available to anyone at affordable prices. And you don’t even have to dive into the Dark Web to find cybercrime tutorials.

«One enters this world, almost without realizing it, when one day one tries to discover the password of a friend’s social networks and, little by little, one enters the dark side», indicates Hervé Lambert, Global Consumer Operations Manager at Panda Security. Or, “after hacking a movie, the internet begins to offer us new possibilities to commit offenses that, sooner or later, will end up becoming serious crimes”.

In Spain last year there were up to 571 arrests of minors of 18 years for cases related to cybercrime, according to INE data collected by Panda, which indicates that the number of young people who commit cybercrimes daily is much greater.

To avoid this, you need education and involving parents . Experts even advise the use of tools that allow you to track the online movements of your children, to anticipate trends and nip bad habits in the bud.

Also remember that internet use leaves a trace. «We must instill in our children that, in addition to clearly committing a crime is a bad thing, sooner rather than later, someone will catch them and they will suffer serious consequences,» says Lambert, which can serve as a measure of intimidation.