throughout 2018 Lenovo sent more than 58.4 million PCs worldwide in the face of something more for 56.3 million units on the part of HP Inc.

preliminary results from Gartner confirms the caída shipments of computers worldwide during the last quarter of 2018.

According to their data, shipments fell 4.3 % from the fourth quarter of 2017, staying in the 68.6 million units. The reason? One has to do with the supply of processors and another with the political and economic landscape.

“Just when the demand in the PC market began to see positive results, the scarcity of CPUs (central processing units) led to problems in the supply chain”, explica Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst senior Gartner, which adds that “after two quarters of growth in Q2 of 2018 and Q3 of 2018, the PC shipments declined in the fourth quarter,”.

“the impact of the shortage of CPU affect the ability of the sellers to satisfy the demand created by the updates of PC business”, expands. While it is expected that such “demand will increase in 2019 if the availability of CPU improvement”.

in Addition, “the political uncertainties and economic in some countries toned down the demand of PC”, continues to Mikako Kitagawa. “there was Even uncertainty in the united States -where the economy in general has been strong-among the groups of buyers vulnerable, such as small and medium-sized companies”.

“consumer demand remained weak during the christmas holidays,”, he shoots this expert, for whom “Christmas sales are no longer an important factor that drives the demand for PC of the consumers”.

The 63 per cent of PC shipments during the fourth quarter bore the seal of Lenovo, HP Inc. and Dell. is Now Lenovo is first, ahead of HP Inc., thanks, among other things, its joint venture with Fujitsu. While Lenovo sent more than 16.6 million computers between the months of October and December, HP Inc. no one came to 5.4 million.

In terms of shipments annually, 2018 ended up with almost 259,4 million units, which is 1.3% less what was achieved in 2017.

Although it is already the seventh consecutive year of declines in PC shipments, it is the drop less pronounced over the past three.

For the full year, Lenovo accounted for more than 58.4 million units, HP Inc., something more for 56.3 million; Dell, about 42 million; Apple, about 18 million; Acer, a little more than 15.7 million; and ASUS, around 15.5 million.