The X Edition of the Liferay congress confirms that it is no longer enough to create digital experiences: now it is necessary to do it quickly under a constant improvement cycle.


Liferay is celebrating its Symposium 2019 under the watchful eye of more than 600 attendees, a record figure since its staging 10 years ago. The congress is revolving around the open source based platform that the software manufacturer has been developing during all this time, although it is true that in recent years it has decided to expand to new areas beyond the creation of Internet portals like your analytics tools ( Liferay Analytics Cloud ) and e-commerce ( Liferay Commerce ).

However, the protagonist is still his platform Liferay DXP , which has reached version 7.2 with interesting news that were shelled during the first day by Jorge Ferrer, vice president of Liferay Engineering . The manager highlighted more capabilities to personalize experiences and digital content so that platform users can put their pages on the Internet more quickly. In fact, Ferrer admitted that it is no longer enough to create digital experiences, but that it must be done in a more agile way to quickly improve and accelerate the “time to Market”.

After all, the goal is to achieve a constant cycle of updates, all with the help of the analytical capabilities that incorporates the platform and the improvements in modularity < / strong>, which allow you to reuse previously created content quickly, with a simple “drag and drop”.

Bryan Cheung, founder and CEO of Liferay, was present at the beginning of the first day of the Symposium
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The possibilities of managing cloud services under the PaaS mode are also greater thanks to compatibility with Liferay DXP Cloud , which includes, among other things, the possibility of managing Docker containers to deploy new services through this popular platform, increasingly used in the IT industry.

Meanwhile Carolina Moreno, Vice President of Sales of Liferay EMEA and general director of the company for Southern Europe , highlighted the special relevance of the Spanish branch, which leads Liferay sales in The European continent For her, the developer ecosystem is very interested in open source based platforms such as Liferay DXP 7.2. Now, the company's efforts go through helping its clients to migrate their traditional resources to the cloud through Liferay DXP Cloud, where there is still a way to go in Spain.

Taking advantage of this tenth anniversary of Liferay Symposium, the company has had the presence of its founder and CEO, Bryan Cheung , which offered a review of the last 15 years since the company was founded to demonstrate how the Internet has changed at this time, in part thanks to Open Source platforms such as the one created by the manufacturer.

Jorge Ferrer, Carolina Moreno and Bryan Cheung attended the media during the first day of Liferay symposium 2019

Liferay's strategy for the medium-term future is to continue expanding its product portfolio and offer more digital experiences to customers, something they want to do with the ecosystem of developers and partners, which has grown around 30 % in the last three years to achieve an increase in your turnover between 15 and 25 percent year-on-year.