LinkedIn took over SlideShare in May 2012 . You have now decided to divest your assets. As of September 24, your business will be linked to the Scribd digital library.

This has been announced by those responsible. “Our acquisition of SlideShare is an important step towards creating the world’s largest digital library,” indicates Trip Adler, co-founder and CEO of Scribd.

“Scribd has amassed a unique collection of professional and user-generated content that we make available to our readers through personalized recommendations,” he explains, and this is further enhanced by the addition of SlideShare, which “allows us to continue diversifying our offering while leading even more readers to books, audiobooks, magazines and other professionally published work in our digital library. ”

It is estimated that Scribd offers more than 1 million e-books , audiobooks , podcasts , sheet music and professional journals and more than 100 million documents provided by their community, such as study guides , academic articles or business templates . SlideShare will provide other 40 million documents, where appropriate presentations .

These existing presentations will remain available on and the mobile app.