The firm market analysis Sensor Tower has published its quarterly report on the revenue and download behavior of mobile applications iOS and Android . Among these are video games where Nintendo once again boasts of placing one of its proposals at the top, specifically we talk about the third place that managed to reach Mario Kart Tour despite leaving at the end of the analyzed period.

The high and destructive Japanese speed reaped 86 million downloads in its first week , being confirmed a few weeks ago as Nintendo’s most successful premiere in the mobile games market . Despite these good numbers, Sensor Tower states that Mario Kart Tour failed to transfer this high demand to revenue, leaving for the moment out of the list of the 100 most profitable .

< p class = 's16 fftext c2 lh27 img100 a_n'> Something you can presume, the one that most, PUBG Mobile , which for the first time leads this table by having raised 496 million dollars only in this third quarter, a figure that represents an annual growth of 652%. And that did not become the most downloaded game, honor that remained in the hands of the adventure of dodging Fun Race 3D.

Finally, < a href = 'https: //' class = 'a_linea>> Pokemon GO added a great month in revenue, being the launch that grew the most compared to the previous period thanks to the arrival of the Pokémon of Teselia .