The manager has denied the allegations that the Oculus virtual reality technology was stolen.


Mark Zuckerberg has intervened as a witness in a federal court in Dallas, in the lawsuit for the lawsuit that the video game company ZeniMax Media filed against Oculus in 2014, at the time when Facebook was buying the virtual reality company.

Since ZeniMax accused Oculus of having stolen the virtual reality technology , and Zuckerberg took advantage of his intervention to make clear his company’s innocence.

The leader has assured that they did not illegally use the intellectual property of ZeniMax to develop their Virtual Reality platform, since when they bought Oculus the technology was not completely defined.

In that sense, part of the conflict broke out around videogame programmer John Carmack, current CTO of Oculus , who worked for id Software, a company that was acquired by ZeniMax in 2009. < / p>

In his speech, Zuckerberg made it clear that Carmack had not used source code obtained from his stage in ZeniMax.

The case could have important consequences if Facebook is found guilty , since ZeniMax claims to the social network a compensation of 2,000 million dollars for the damages caused for the theft of your intellectual property, report on Reuters .