Huawei introduces its first smartphone with folding screen, confirming in this way the arrival on the market of a new product category. And it is spectacular.

Special from Barcelona

Has reached a new edition of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and we already have the first news announced by the manufacturers. is Huawei has introduced its first smartphone foldable to confirm the beginning of a tough battle with their main competitors. This is a new product category with a huge potential, but as with any bet in a sector as dynamic and competitive as the smart phones, also very risky.

While Samsung went ahead of this year’s few days to present its star phone, the Galaxy S10, as well as the first with a folding screen, the Galaxy Fold, Huawei has not lagged behind and has done so with the Matte X. Along with other manufacturers like Xiaomi, this segment of smartphones with folding screen you could become the next breakthrough in the market of mobility.

In this case, everything seems to indicate that the competition between these companies will be positive to elevate this category. From now on there will be to pay attention to the modality that will succeed in the market, as the first models that will see the light count with important variations in terms of usability and design.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Mobile, at the time of filing the new model Mate X

In the case that occupies to us, the Huawei Mate X will arrive in June of this year, Spain being one of the first countries in the market due to the importance of our market within the global strategy of the multinational china.

it Has a folding screen to the outside and a hinge extremely complex to overcome the physical limits when turning this component. According to Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Mobile, is designed with technology Falcon Wing Design and built with dozens of parts for the device can be closed completely without leaving spaces no space between the two bodies, a clear reference to the device announced by Samsung, which does have that limitation. Once closed, the Huawei Mate X has thickness of only 11mm, “6 mm. thinner than other smartphones folding”, influenced by the manager.

The resolution of panel flexible OLED is 2480 x 2200 when the device is open. The screen size in this mode is the not inconsiderable figure of 8 inches, no doubt allows to be used as a small tablet for both work as well as to enjoy multimedia content in the moments playful. Once folded it becomes a smartphone with two screens, 6.6-inch (front) and 6,38 inches (rear).

in Addition, each of the two bodies that make up this device has a thickness of 5.4 millimeters, an engineering achievement taking into account the various electronic components housed within, including two batteries to get a total capacity of 4500 mAh.

The hardware specifications were more or less expected: SoC Kirin 980 + Balong 5000, the first of the Huawei that is capable of providing connectivity 5G. Meanwhile, the area of memory and storage is well covered with the combination of 8GB + 512 GB.

In the section photo, maintaining the system of triple Leica lens that so good results has given Huawei models as a Matte, 20 and P20 Pro, this time with sensors of 40MP + 16MP and 8MP camera. Yes, the Matte X does not have front camera because the particular design of the folding screen to the outside allows these cameras to be used also in mode ‘selfie’.

Since its presentation on Sunday at 14:00h. its price has caused quite a stir. Yu announced that it would cost to 2.299€. To simple sight it may seem quite expensive, but looking at both its capabilities as its avant-garde design, the one who writes what is considered reasonable: We are faced with the latest in technology with a few levels of miniaturization never seen before in the industry. But in addition, promises a great dose of usability in the two modes (smartphone and tablet) in which you can work.

on the other hand, is a matter of time that, in the case of this category to succeed, begin volume production of the Mate X (and subsequent versions) so that their price goes down gradually. You must take into account that Huawei has never been characterized by attaching high prices to their products: the quality/price ratio has been a determinant to fight against manufacturers more established in the market such as Samsung or Apple.