The news of the week has been the delay of Halo Infinite until 2021, making Xbox Series X loses its greatest bulwark for the launch of the new console. Phil Spencer , executive vice president of the Xbox division at Microsoft, has elaborated on the difficult decision they have had to make from the Redmond company, stating that it is «disappointing», both for people and for themselves.

Phil Spencer claims to be as disappointed as fans by the delay of Halo Infinite The manager has participated in the latest episode of Gary Whitta’s Animal Talking show. There he said that various solutions were raised to plan the Halo Infinite roadmap. Among them, it was proposed that the game be divided into separate parts, as if it were an episodic game , so that fans of the Master Chief would have the game on the day of the Xbox Series X premiere. < / p>

Spencer said that idea was in the air for a while to avoid delaying the game until 2021, but after 24 hours of deliberation , the team decided that this was not the type of launch they wanted for Halo Infinite . The manager, one of the most visible faces of Xbox, thinks they have made «the right decision», although he apologizes for the delay of the most anticipated game.

Halo Infinite has been the center of criticism for the visual aspect shown in the last Xbox Games Showcase , which left evidence that the game was not at the expected level with just a few months of margin until its publication. The Internet was filled with jokes with Craig the Brute . Therefore, it has been decided to postpone it in the calendar until an indeterminate date of 2021.