Has announced the Cortana Skills Kit for developers and Cortana Devices SDK that is targeted directly to device manufacturers.

Defending “everyone deserves a personal assistant” and one that is also “available wherever you need it”, Microsoft has decided to expand the scope of their own assistant.

through the lanzamiento the Cortana Skills Kit and the Cortana Devices SDK which, among other things, are distinguished by being intended for developers and for device manufacturers, respectively.

The Cortana Skills Kit will put the scope of the developers the base of around 145 million users which have currently Cortana, which is compatible with terminal Windows and the Xbox, but also with other devices from rival companies such as terminals that use iOS and Android. The idea is that these developers will be able to take advantage of the bots that leave the Microsoft Bot Framework and reuse the code of the own abilities to Alexa. The result should be a personalized experience, proactive and linked to the preferences of the users, as explained from Microsoft.

For its part, Cortana Devices SDK puts the wizard Microsoft in the hands of OEMs and Mdgs that will be able to fill the market with a greater number of smart devices, with different platforms and different circumstances. This is regardless of whether the system is Windows, Linux or Android, with the help of the email or the calendar, with display or without display, for home, for work or for the mobile life… even in the car connected. Here the aim would be to extend the productivity, using real-time audio communication bi-directional.