The software giant has announced Project Springfield, a cloud-based tool designed to help developers detect errors.


Microsoft has claimed that the cost of implementing security patches for software distributed mostly as operating systems can be raised up to $ 1 million each.

To amend this, the software giant has announced Project Springfield , a cloud-based detector whose main component is SAGE -a tracing test tool that Microsoft uses to discover security flaws in Windows 7-.

SAGE has helped reveal a third of all vulnerabilities that would have caused Microsoft a large outlay.

The company highlights that Project Springfield is ideal for applications that allow users to upload documents and other files that may not be secure, allowing real-time blocking. In addition, the detector uses artificial intelligence to learn which parts of the software are most affected by critical vulnerabilities.

Microsoft has not said when it will publicly launch the service. For now, users can upload their binary files to Project Springfield to try this software in the cloud.