For example, has introduced a new category of services, cognitive and solutions such as Azure SQL Database, Edge, IoT Plug-and-Play, HoloLens 2 Development Edition and Azure Blockchain Service.

With the conference Microsoft Build about to take place, Microsoft warming up. Has announced a whole series of services and technologies aimed at developers,.

And it does so by affirming that “it is an amazing time to be a developer”.

So opina Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Microsoft Cloud and AI Group, which adds that “since the creation of IA and mixed reality applications to the use of blockchain to solve business problems business, skills and the impact of the developers are growing rapidly,”.

Their new services, linked to Azure, claim that “the developers believe the next generation of apps“.

In connection with Azure AI, the Redmond company has announced the category Decision within their services cognitive for recommendations and taking informed decisions. Here come the services, Content Moderator, Anomaly Detector, and Personalizer. On the other hand, Microsoft announced the general availability of the search cognitive, introducing artificial intelligence in Azure Search.

Other innovations have to do with Azure Machine Learning, as the capabilities MLOps with integration of Azure DevOps, advances in automated, interface of machine learning visual for model deployment without code, models hardware accelerated that are running on FPGA and support ONNX Runtime for NVIDIA TensorRT and Intel nGraph.

And there ends the thing. Microsoft has introduced Azure SQL Database Edge. With respect to the edge computing and the hybrid cloud has also presented the modeling language IoT Plug-and-Play to connect to the cloud devices of the internet of things. Also, comes HoloLens 2 Development Edition and support Unreal Engine 4 for the transmission and integration of native platform.

Microsoft also not forget the blockchain and bet with Azure Blockchain Service to facilitate the formation, management and governance of networks, and by linking the platform Ethereum J. P. Morgan, Quorum, with Azure Blockchain Service.