Solutions such as FortiGate, FortiWeb, FortiAnalyzer, FortiManager and FortiMail are available in the Azure Marketplace.

Microsoft has joined the partner program Fabric-Ready Fortinet.

So has announced the own Fortinet, whose senior vice president of Products and Solutions, John Maddison, has given “welcome to Microsoft” with the intention of collaborating “to provide our clients with business security capabilities, automated and scalable cloud.

“to respond to the infrastructure requirements of resource on-demand, policies automated and intelligence against threats in real-time, security must adapt to business”, says Maddison, who explains that “Fortinet and Microsoft share a commitment to help companies take their data, securely, to the cloud so that they can benefit from the flexibility, scalability, and performance” that characterize the services of cloud computing.

through the solutions, virtualized Fortinet seeks to provide customers of Microsoft Azure real-time intelligence and threat protection controls in an automated manner.

“By integrating the technologies of Fortinet in Microsoft Azure, and ensuring a high level of security through Azure Security Center, Microsoft and Fortinet to meet a shared commitment”, indicates the respect Ann Johnson, vice president of Microsoft’s Worldwide Enterprise Product & Cybersecurity Groups.

Such a compromise would be “protect the company current with cyber security advanced”.

Solutions Security Fabric such as FortiGate and firewall web application virtualized FortiWeb or FortiAnalyzer, FortiManager and FortiMail because is found in the Azure Marketplace. Apart from the firewall business, the WAF are available also in Azure Security Center.