Connected Vehicle Platform will allow drivers a whole range of digital experiences driven by the ecosystem of software and services to Azure.

Renault-Nissan will be among the first car manufacturers in bringing the virtual assistant of Microsoft, Cortana, and other cloud services Azure to their cars connected.

In the near future Cortana will remind drivers an appointment, and to help the GPS system of the vehicle with instructions on how to get there. This is one of many scenarios that Microsoft wants to enable for manufacturers of cars to support its newly announced platform connecting vehicles, Connected Vehicle Platform.

Presented in the framework of the technology fair CES 2017, the new platform will allow car manufacturers to integrate digital experiences driven by the ecosystem of software and services to Azure from Microsoft.

Connected Vehicle Platform encompasses a set of technologies in Azure that can work together to offer new intelligent services. For example, the system can alert the driver of a problem that affects the performance of the car.

“This is not a operating system for cars, is a platform that is agile and lively that is based in the cloud, and aims to address five main scenarios our partners we have been marked as key priorities: predictive maintenance, improvement of the productivity in the automotive, advanced navigation, vision of the client and helps to build capabilities to conduct autonomous”, he concluded Peggy Johnson, vice-president of the unit of Business Development of Microsoft.