Does exactly seven days we were able to live a great number of ads of Xbox Game Studios in X019 but, do you have something else saved to file this year? According to their head Matt Booty, or much less, there will be something more to show to the public their internal computers before the end of the year.

"I Think that we will see more news before the end of the year on some of the things that we have not spoken", said Booty in a chat with Windows Central. Now, when? Inevitably comes to us at the head of the The Game Awards of December that confirmed on the afternoon of Tuesday its nominated for best game of the year.

return to the interview, the head of Xbox Game Studios didn’t want to give clue whatsoever what could the entity of this upcoming title in the post, recalling, moreover, that each subsidiary of the company has something prepared, "projects of which we have not spoken" with the mind already in the future of Xbox.

Windows Central also took the opportunity to ask by the purchase of asian studies, a topic that has brought to the fore by Phil Spencer more than once in the past few months. "we Definitely have as a goal to make sure that we have a representation of content from all over the world", declared in this regard.