The goal of this new wave of dismissals is not to reduce costs, but to update the skills in multiple business units.

it Is expected that Microsoft conducted another round of layoffs this week, announcing their quarterly results. About 700 employees could be affected, according to sources close to the company that quotes Business Insider.

This wave of layoffs is part of the plan announced in June to cut 2.850 posts. At that time, the company said that it planned to conclude its plan of cuts for June of 2017, coinciding with the end of your fiscal year 2017.

most of these 2.850 posts have already been deleted, according to the sources. The next cuts will not be specific to a single group but will be extended through the offices and business units of the company in all the world, including sales, marketing, human resources, engineering, finance, and other units.

The goal now is not to reduce costs but to update the skills in several divisions, while Microsoft is still hiring – the manufacturer has released more than 1,600 deals on LinkedIn-.

Under the tenure of CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft has undergone several rounds of layoffs including cutting of approximately 7.400 jobs in the last year, mainly in the business of mobile phones, and the largest wave of layoffs in company history in 2014 with the discontinuation of up to 18,000 jobs.

The labor force of Microsoft is made up of these moments for approximately 113,000.