Microsoft has taken very seriously the campaign that, according to data from the National Police, has recently escalated from telephone scams with calls in which criminals pose as employees of the company founded by Bill Gates. The objective is to gain access to computer equipment that remains under the control of these criminals, which can be obtained with personal and financial data of the owners.

To prevent these scams, the company has made public a series of recommendations. The bottom line is that Microsoft remembers that it never proactively sends email messages or makes phone calls to users of its products , be they devices, software or services, alerting them to suspected technical problems. He also recommends whoever receives this type of call to interrupt communication immediately, do not provide any personal or banking information and proceed to report it as soon as possible to the Police.

In these calls, the interlocutor pretends to be Microsoft technical personnel who alert to the detection of a problem in the victim’s computer, to whom they provide instructions that will allow them to gain remote control of the computer. There are basically two common options: direct the user to grant remote access or remote management permissions from Windows’ own tools or promote the installation of software that allows remote control of the computer.

To report this type of incident, Microsoft has enabled a web page and offers more information in a video featuring Helena Pons-Charlet, head of Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit.

Microsoft Security Tips

To keep our computers (laptops, desktops and others) protected, Microsoft offers the following tips: