the results of The second quarter of the current fiscal year have served to Take-Two to confirm the great sales Borderlands 3 and the good time that passes the company. The video game developed by Gearbox already has 7 million units sold since its premiere in early September, the five of them came in his first five days in stores. A long-awaited success in the offices of the editor, but that has exceeded the expectations of the company.

Bordelands 3 and WWE 2K20 are two sides of the same coin in the accounts of Take-TwoThe company could not say the same for the reception of WWE 2K20. The critics have been unanimous with respect to the significant slump suffered in the edition of last year and the users have not hesitated to show your rejection in the shops. One of the most recent test has been given in the United Kingdom, in which it has been reported that the sales between the delivery of the past year and the 2019 have gone down by 40%. In Take-Two, however, do not throw in the towel with the delivery starring Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns.

"while we’re disappointed with the critical and consumer feedback for WWE 2K20, last week, Visual Concepts released a patch that should address many of the concerns of the players. Will continue to make additional improvements in the gaming experience", explained the president of Take-Two, Karl Slatoff, "the mark, WWE continues to expand throughout the world and we believe that there is still a substantial chance of long-term to grow our series, WWE 2K enhancing the quality of the game".

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