The telecommunications companies seek to reinvent themselves as actors of the Internet.

starting today the edition 2017 the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the big event of the telecommunications sector that will have the telephone companies, leaders in a time when the business model of decades-old, based on the sale of packets of data, is losing steam.

The largest annual tradeshow of technology from Europe will parade to the operators with their main model changes business.

Telefonica announced in September that it expected to introduce a comprehensive plan called the fourth platform” to help consumers and enterprise customers to maintain greater control over their data in front of the giant web like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

u.s. company AT&T has signed a number of large bids to diversify through the acquisition of Direct TV by 67,000 million dollars, at the time waiting for the approval of compra Time Warner for the other 110,000 million dollars.

The emerging markets such as Russia and the operator Vimpelcom are giving the fret with many of the standards of telecommunication to refocus and position itself among the players of high technology in the world of fast growth of the messaging applications.

Russia has become the laboratory’s most advanced in the world for telcos seeking to reinvent themselves as actors of the Internet due to the commercial pressures of a classical sector, the economic sanctions in the West, the competition in relation to the rules governing the giants of Silicon Valley and small local actors that seek to create a space to combine forces.

however, many operators have a negative feedback from some of the aggressive movements made by these peers, especially, when it comes to business models based on marketing data of the customer.

Deutsche Telekom, the largest telecommunications operator in Europe by revenues, sees this as an assault to privacy in Germany. Instead, it focuses on making progress to new areas conectividad and the cloud.

The Mobile World Congress will reveal the immediate future of the companies. It is what strategic stakes triumph medium-and long-term.