Almost half (45.3 %) prefer to stay between 100 and 250 euros at the time of purchasing a mobile phone.

A considerable number of Spanish change of mobile phone more than once a year. According to a study of, is something that identifies to 2 out of 5 Spanish. Up to 37% would have renewed your telephone between the last and the second last year.

Only 13% of the spaniards this device will last more than two years. And only 9 % still using the same terminal for more than three. These figures are lower than the annual renewals have to do with “the pace of the technology market, the improvements of the devices and the launch of new designs”, according to the study’s authors.

At the time of investing in a new phone, there are many spaniards who are willing to fork over 500 euros, which leads to to say that “the phones of more than 500 euros are not successful between the Spanish”. It is something that would make 5.7 %. 45.3 % prefer to stay between 100 and 250 euros, a 33 % intended to buy less than 100 euros and a 16 % spent between 250 and 500 euros.

“The fact, a priori, in contrast with the launch terminals increasingly expensive, in some cases -range high-, higher than even the thousand euros,” says the company that provides these figures. “however” he adds, “the appearance on the market of new competitors and the speed with which you update the ‘catalogues’ of the manufacturers has been accompanied by a decrease overall, especially in the mid range and low end. A war that has caused the smartphone cost every time less; and a tendency which, according to experts, will be on the rise”.

The majority of the spaniards (86 %) says to use all the features of your smartphone. It excels the use of aapplications of instant messaging, for over games, banking applications, applications, geolocation and even social networks. On average, each person would be allocated to the use of the mobile five hours a day.