The CNMC reports that, in the month of May, the 600,000 exchanges were exceeded again.


The National Commission for Markets and Competition ( CNMC ) has published data on the telecommunications market corresponding to last May. < / p>

And these data confirm that the mobile portability in Spain is growing .

In May, 600,000 exchanges were exceeded again. Specifically, it was 634,788 , which represents an interannual increase of 30%.

These so-called are benefiting from the so-called Virtual Mobile Operators (OMV) and also the MASMOVIL Group . The companies that record negative net portability balances are the three major market operators: Movistar, Orange and Vodafone. However, these three companies own 80.8% of the existing lines.

In total, in May 52.57 million mobile lines were counted , 2.5% more than in 2017 at the same time. In May 2018 64,059 mobile lines were won.

Regarding the voice park with mobile broadband, it won 85,005 lines to exceed 43 million.