recent controversial Mordhau seem to have passed to a better life in the last days. The developers of the successful video game of medieval battles, Triternion, have been put to work to continue to improve the game, and have released a new update in their official forum explaining some of the elements that are working for the immediate future of the software. Stresses the arrival of the competitive modes, new maps and an extra game mode, but also a mention of the expected mods, still no scheduled release date.

The first of the maps is Feitoria, a construction in which awards are vertical and the outside, with a city in construction and small streets that give chase to your enemies; the other scenario is Castello, a castle of european cut in that fight in their spacious courtyards and walls walled. Both are in the final stages of its development, so that its launch is not expected to be deferred too. The team also has been achieved that continues to improve the maps already released, and that has corrected some balance adjustments in Crossroads.

About the modes, qualifiers, its developers have shared the different ranges and categories by which users will be able to compete in the coming times, being bronze the lowest rank, and Elite is the highest. You’ll have to climb five categories to be eligible for promotion and become one of the warriors more suitable of the software. Invasion will be a new game mode for 64 players in order to add experience and new levels: will focus on targets of siege progressive, and phases of attack and defense in which the players must cooperate to end with the army of the opponent.

We are aware of the high demand for modding tools that arein Addition to secure some improvements in respect of the balance of the different classes, the developers can speak to the mods, an item eagerly awaited by the users, is on the list, but still is not a priority. As has been explained to the developers, "we are aware of the high demand for modding tools there is and it is not something we are ignoring. At this time, the development is more focused on our short-term objectives by increasing the amount of content in the base game. We will analyze in the future the possibility of the SDK and the compatibility with mods".

Released at the end of April, Mordhau is one of the most played games on Steam currently. See the analysis of Mordhau to know what awaits his commanders.