According to estimates from Statista, each of which will be spent 363 euros.

mobile payments in The store should be launching with the passage of time. Although some countries do so with more strength than others.

This year according to the previsiones that manages the Statista Digital Market Outlook, and on the basis of a number of selected countries, the united States will highlight over the rest in volume of transactions. Although the Uk will not be far behind.

For the united States are expected 1.838 euros of expenditure by each user. And those users should be a few with 60.1 million. While, in the Uk, the expenditure should be of 1.683 euro by about 12.4 million people.

The market that will break out in users will be, however China, with 348,9 million people that will be “payments through point of sale terminals along with mobile wallets, apps codes or NFC, QR or Blueetooth”, according to Statista. In your case, the average expenditure in mobile payments of each user at the point of sale will be 514 million euros.

What Spain? Our country will reach this year the 2.1 million users of mobile payments. Are people that pay in shops in the country with the help of their smartphone. is Each one of you should spend approximately 363 euros.

Spain will exceed that as well in volume of transactions per user in countries such as Italy, Brazil, south Africa or Germany, all of them with a greater number of users. But it would not reach the levels of others such as China, Japan or France.