In may of 2016 amounted to 2,000 million, and since then have added 1,000 million devices.

the initiative for The protection of internet users is Safe Browsing feature of Google continues its path connected every time  to more devices.

If in may of last year, Google explained that this tool was born in 2007 had reached the 2,000 millions of protected devices, and now that figure is much higher. In actuality, this safe browsing, based on warnings on sites that use phishing or download malware is present in more than 3,000 million devices.

From the company explican that take advantage of the list of dangerous pages in different products with its seal. For example, in Google Play Protect. But also at the time of showing results search and announcements, on Android, message Gmail

And there is not the thing. The momentum of Safe Browsing is also explains because it protects internet users that use products of other companies, such as browsers Safari and Firefox, like Chrome. This solution is within reach of web developers and applications.