A new report has analyzed the status of 4G coverage in Spain and the best and worst regions located in that section.


As follows from a report made by Kelisto.es, a total of 3,440,784 inhabitants lives in an area that does not have 4G coverage for their mobile phone.

That data means that only 8.70% of the 39.54 million people over 15 years of age in Spain cannot enjoy LTE technology in their populations, which implies a growth of 15 percentage points in less than a year.

If the situation is analyzed by provinces, Cuenca has the least 4G coverage in Spain , since 38.8% of its population over 15 years of age does not have access to her.

Other provinces with poor quality in 4G are Zamora (34.8%), Cáceres (34%), Teruel (33, 5%) and Guadalajara (30.9%).

On the positive side the best is Madrid , since only 1.20% of Madrid residents live in areas without LTE coverage.

Followed by Barcelona , where only 1.40% of the population lacks a 4G connection, Valencia (4.2%), Pontevedra (4.30%) and Biscay (4.30%).