25.9 % a ‘backup’ daily of your data, 24.8 % choose weekly copies and a 35.1 % take this measure on a monthly basis.

Acronis has returned to make his now traditional survey of the World Day Backup, and, through it, has discovered that almost all home users are making backups of your computer. The figure has increased more than 24 % in a year to reach almost 93 users for every 100. But, on the other hand, in 2018, increased the losses of data. 65.1 % of the people surveyed by Acronis, more than a 29% confirmed that they or a family member suffered losses due to accidental deletions, hardware failures and software failures.

“At first glance, it is possible that these two results seem completely incompatible: how can you miss more data if almost all the world makes backup copies?” asks James Slaby, director of cyber protection Acronis. “however, there are factors of the study that explain these figures”.

One reason is that “people are using more devices and accessing their data from more places than before,”. This “it increases the chances of losing them”. In addition, “it is possible that you keep a backup of the laptop but, if you do not also have the smartphone that they have just left forgotten in the taxi”, for example, “are still losing data”, argues Slaby.

beyond inquiring about the practices of individuals, Acronis has decided this time to study what is happening among the corporate users. And what has been discovered? To start with, that regardless of the size, the enterprise know that they have to protect their data. Most who seek this protection, and to perform backups, whether daily (25,9 %), weekly (24.8 per cent) or monthly (35,1 %).

48.3 % uses exclusively the cloud for your backups. is Another 26.8% as it combines the cloud with local backup. This inclination towards the cloud computing is justified by the possibility to retrieve the information at any time, even if a natural disaster destroys your facilities, and the interpreted the cloud as a shield against cyber attacks.

The measures imposed have allowed a 68.7 per cent of the companies do not suffer from episodes of data loss in around 2018 and consequent stops in their activity. In addition, corporate users are aware of the risks. Around three-fifths of these people are disturbed, or even very concerned by threats such as the ransomware (60,6 %), the criptominería (60.1 per cent) and social engineering (61 %).