The Foundation responsible for the Firefox browser and other open source solutions has just announced its new image.


In February 1998 the Mozilla Foundation saw the light, and since then the company had not made a change of image and identity as complete as the just released today.

The image change project began in June 2016, when Mozilla requested the collaboration of its user community to present and vote for different designs in order to choose the new logo of the organization .

With the change of image Mozilla expects Internet users to better understand what Mozilla really represents , since it is a non-profit foundation that develops products, technologies and programs that help Internet remains an open and growing platform.

From the organization they point out that they want to be known as “ the champions of a healthy internet where we all have freedom to explore, discover, create and innovate without barriers and limitations.”  mozilla_imagery

In addition, they advocate for an internet where power is in the hands of many and not just a few, in which the security and identity of users is respected.

Without a doubt, the most notable change in Mozilla has affected its logo, which instead of the “ill” chooses to use the “: //” , alluding to the ties that the organization has with internet.

Also, has released the new Zilla source , which is free and open for all users who wish to use it.