The company presented this week Secure, Hello and Cam IQ. The new Nest bets are a sample of what the Internet of Things can bring to home security.


It’s been almost four years since Google bought Nest Labs . The Mountain View company disbursed $ 3.2 billion for a company known primarily for its smart thermostats.

The high amount of the acquisition caused many to get their hands on their heads, considering that the amount paid was exorbitant. However, the operation could not be seen only as the purchase of a thermostat company. This movement showed Google’s position in the face of the incipient development of the Internet of Things.

Although smart thermostats were Nest’s main product at the time of purchase, it was already manufacturing other household devices such as smoke detectors. And the company has continued on this path, as evidenced by the launches made this week.

Nest Secure is a alarm system designed for homeowners to use with ease when entering and leaving home. “ In the same way that people tend to avoid programmable thermostats because they find them very complex, the home security systems that currently exist also seem to take away more than one person’s sleep, either because the hardware occupies a lot of space, for false alarms or for loud and stressful countdowns. Our idea was to design a product that is not only effective when a security problem arises, but also practical and easy to use when people are at home with their family making their lives, ”said Matt Rogers, co-founder and director of products from Nest.

The package includes Nest Guard, an all-in-one security system with alarm, keypad and motion detector; the Nest Detect sensor, that detects both movement and the opening and closing actions of doors and windows; and Nest Tag, an accessory that can be carried on the keychain and allows you to easily activate and deactivate the system, without the need for a password. In addition, can be operated from your mobile app. And the system can also be combined with Nest Cam cameras.

Nest Hello is the new video intercom of the firm. The device detects the visitor at the door and sends an alert and a snapshot to the user, even if the person does not ring the bell. The inhabitants of the house, wherever they are, can have a fluid conversation with the person who arrives at your door, even if there is noise in the street. And it is possible to respond quickly with a list of prerecorded answers. In addition, customers can subscribe to Nest Aware to receive alerts when the device detects the presence of intruders or suspicious activity.

In the case of Nest Cam IQ for outdoor use, it is a weather-resistant security camera designed for tamper-proofing. In addition to showing images of everything that happens, send an alert with information so that users know that the warning is important.

On the other hand, the company will offer the option of equipping its Nest Cam IQ for interiors — which it also launched this year — with Google Assistant, available from next winter through a software update Free for all customers. Thanks to this, users can ask questions, monitor the house and manage tasks.

In addition, it should be remembered that the company has the ‘Work wint Nest’ program, in order to integrate its new range with third-party products. For example, he is working with Yale, a company specializing in the design of locks, in order to create a modern security lock. The new Nest + Yale will go on sale in early 2018 and will allow customers to deactivate Nest Secure just by opening the lock. And they can also unlock the door from the video intercom Nest Hello.

Other integrated products thanks to this program, such as light bulbs, switches and sockets of the Lutron, LIFX and Philips brands can also be connected to the Nest environment to make it look like there are people at home when the system detects that the user has left, helping to prevent theft. Also, users of Chamberlain garage door opening systems will receive a warning if they leave the door open when leaving home, being able to close it only from their mobile.