Some new images of the DualSense shared on Twitter allow us to know a data highly anticipated by users about the new Sony remote control for PlayStation 5 . Specifically we are talking about the capacity of the battery, which according to these snapshots would be 1560 mA . To put in context, the DualShock 4 came to PS4 offering 800 mA, up to 1,000 mA currently.

This increased controller capacity does not It is no surprise such as remember in Wccftech , and it was rumored days ago that the device will give three to four hours of more autonomy to DualSense owners compared to the one experienced as standard by the DualShock 4 of the current PlayStation 4, thus allowing longer gaming sessions without worrying about changing the battery of the controller or any other issue. Of course, we will have to wait for more official tests once the console hits the stores.

The new PS5 wireless controller was one of the first announcements of the console , showing itself to the public with the promise of offering a deeper and more immersive gaming experience thanks to several new features, such as offering haptic feedback and dynamic trigger effects. The control, on the other hand, incorporates an integrated microphone and a Create button, all integrated in an iconic and practical design. About these news, Galaxy666, a source on Twitter for these images, mentions that users will not be disappointed : «it is much more comfortable than the DualShock 4». «Haptic feedback is magical, and the triggers seem to have very complex mechanisms,» he added, remembering that the buttons go without light.

The DualSense design was quite promising for 3DJuegos readers , while other developers in the industry have not hesitated to praise some of its novelties, such as Naughty Dog, who consider that will provide lots of possibilities . We’ll see it later this year, when it debuts alongside PlayStation 5.