As part of a discrete update released on November 25, Infinity Ward announced that it will allow groups of up to 4 players in the new Weapons Game mode , which arrived last week but was individual. The study also moved the Contra All or Free For All mode to the quick game filter and made minor adjustments to the Special Operations difficulty, among other minor modifications.

  • Groups of 4 players will be allowed in Game of Weapons.
  • Moved Against Everyone mode to the Filter menu.
  • The union in progress to games against All was resolved to avoid finding advanced games.
  • Resuscitation chambers were removed for Headquarters and Hot Spot modes.
  • Late junctions for both teams were removed when you are on the Piccadilly Map of Search and Destroy.
  • An error where the optical lens of the Bizon PP19 appeared while aiming was fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t allow players to hack claymore mines in Contra Todos when they were equipped with the Antibombas advantage.
  • Several boosting and off-map exploits were resolved.
  • Fixed an issue where laser sights were misaligned on P90 and MP5.
  • Minor adjustments to the Special Operations difficulty.

Many things can be said about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and complaints persist, but the truth is that maintenance It has been constant, as well as the free inclusion of new modes and maps , although the game will release its season pass during December and there is evidence that the remaining share of maps and modes is large.