A new invention of an American university aims to revolutionize the smartphone market.


The University of California at Riverside has revealed the information from its latest research, thanks to which you could say goodbye in a few years to the annoying scratches > that occur on the screens of mobile devices .

The discovery refers to a new transparent polymer that would allow smartphone screens to regenerate themselves when they are scratched, reveal in Business Insider .

Those responsible for the investigation have already used the same technology for the production of artificial muscles that can be expanded or contracted when stimulated with an electric current.

Chao Wang, the scientist who runs the project, has revealed that must answer some questions before knowing with absolute certainty that their material is one hundred percent compatible with its use in smartphones and devices electronic.

In that sense, they must determine if it can work properly in high temperatures and in high humidity environments.

In addition, he recalled that although some LG phones have self-regenerating properties, these are functions that only apply to the back cover